$Curry Staking (The Curry Pot)

The Curry Pot: Our Pioneered & Scalable High APY Multi-Staking System

Curry Staking Info:

  • Hosted on Pinksale!

  • Zero Staking/UnStaking Fees!

  • Min Staking Period: 1 Hour

  • Min Staking Amount: 1 $Curry

  • Max Staking Amount: 5,000 $Curry

Curry Time Boost Bonuses:

  • Min Staking Lock: 6 Hours | Bonus: +20%

  • Min Staking Lock: 12 Hours | Bonus: +50%

  • Min Staking Lock: 24 Hours | Bonus: +80%

  • Min Staking Lock: 48 Hours | Bonus: +200%

Pinksale $Curry Staking Tutorial:

  1. Go on our Pinksale Staking Page then connect your wallet

  2. Click Approve then approve the transaction

  3. Enter how much $Curry you would like to stake and your lockup boosts

  4. Click Stake then approve the transaction

  5. Click on our Upcoming Rewards Pool and click Subscribe then approve the transaction

  6. Now Subscribe to each of our Staking Pools

  7. To Claim Your Staked Tokens, Click “Harvest” in the Pool’s Page. If you buy more tokens, you just need to stake those tokens, you don't need to resubscribe to the rewards pools

Rev-Share-Staking: A portion of taxes allocated into creating new rewards pools for $Curry stakers!

Rev-Share-Staking Partnership Program: Poll contest where communities will vote on which project will receive a $1000 Investment + new limited staking pool for $Curry Holders.

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